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Giles Watchers

The Rupert Giles fandom cross-references to relax

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Newsletter for the Rupert Giles segment of Buffy fandom on Livejournal.
This is a community for readers interested in Rupert Giles. We watch LiveJournal as well as other sites to keep you up to date on the latest Giles fics, ficathons, icons, artwork, contests, and any other items of interest to Giles fans.

Please add this community to your friends list to keep informed of all things Giles.

giles_watchers use the Fanfiction Rating system:

FRC Fan rated Child, for everyone
FRT Fan Rated Teen
FRM Fan Rated Mature
FRAO Fan Rated Adults Only

Posters when unsure may skip the rating unless the item is adult-rated.

Only selected members may post, but feel free to add your comments to our posts. Discussion is welcome. Please tell us if we've missed an item! We'll get it for the next newsletter. We aim to provide you with a complete roundup of all Giles and Tony Head activity on LiveJournal. If you use del.icio.us, you can submit links to our del.icio.us bookmarks by tagging your own bookmark with for:giles_watchers.

The moderator for giles_watchers is antennapedia. Current posters are ladyforash, nutterbudgie and seldomifever. Our retired moderator was agilesreader. The community was founded by mrsdrake.

Posting Schedule:

Sunday - antennapedia
Monday - ladyforash
Tuesday - seldomifever
Wednesday - seldomifever
Thursday - antennapedia
Friday - nutterbudgie
Saturday - antennapedia

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