Flippancy provided by (il_mio_capitano) wrote in giles_watchers,
Flippancy provided by

Giles through Sunday, July 6

+ dragonyphoenix: On This Side of Goodbye - Giles, Faith FRT
+ gilescandy: Return to Sunnydale - Giles, Joyce, Buffy, Willow, Xander FRT
+ the_huffster: Legacy 5/? - Giles/Buffy FRT
+ sparrow2000: The Beating of the Bounds 7/? - Giles,Xander, Buffy, Willow FRT
+ will_conqueror1: The Chronicles of Ripper - Giles FRT
+ sharelle: Geometry of Chance 1/6 2/6,- Giles, Ethan FRT
+ [info]craterdweller: If Only - Giles/Buffy FRT
+ [info]WillowWinchesterWilliams: Occam's Razor - Giles/Jenny FRAO
+ horrorfangirl: A Watcher Always Notices (now complete) - Giles/Buffy FRT

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ [info]craterdweller: Priceless - Giles/Buffy FRT

Fan Art
+ gilescandy: The Spell VID - Vamp!Giles worksafe

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