Flippancy provided by (il_mio_capitano) wrote in giles_watchers,
Flippancy provided by

Giles though Sunday, June 29

+ protoneoromanic: The Coldest Winter We Ever Spent 1/? 2/?,
+ craterdweller: Doth They Protest Too Much - Giles/Olivia FRM
+ craterdweller: Soft Touch - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ craterdweller: The Morning After - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ katleept: The Watcher Who Still Watches - Giles, various FRT
+ the_huffster: Legacy 3/? 4/?,
+ ericanoelle: To The Grave - Giles, Anya hints Giles/Buffy FRT
+ sparrow2000: The Beating of the Bounds 6/? - Giles,Xander, Willow,Buffy FRT
+ [info]ProtoNeoRomantic: Who Do You Think You Are ch19 - Giles/Buffy FRM

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ craterdweller: Invitations - Giles,Joyce,Dawn,Buffy FRC

Fan Art
+ harmony033: Icons inspired by haikus from SoG 2013 - worksafe
+ lycomingst: Icons - Giles

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