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Giles through Sunday, June 22

+ callievalpoli: Wager - Giles/Faith FRAO
+ ljs: Bells and Memories - Giles (/Anya ish) FRT
+ 0_ruthless_0: Fools and Angels Part 2 - Giles/Ethan FRM
+ 0_ruthless_0: The First Last Day of the Rest of Our Lives - Giles (/Ethan ish) FRT
+ thea_bromine: The One Where Sulu Has the Sword - Giles,Xander FRT
+ the_huffster: Legacy 1/?, 2/? - Giles/Buffy FRT
+ sparrow2000: The Beathing of the Bounds ch5 - Giles,Xander,Willow,Buffy AU Season 1 FRT
+ dragonyphoenix: Shopping! - Giles, his aunts FRC
+ [info]dragonsphoenix: And If My Love HAd Never Let Me Go 16/16 - Giles/Ethan FRT
+ [info]LadyRa: Stalking - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ [info]ProtoNeoRomantic: Who Do You Think You Are? ch18 - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ [info]LadyRa: Second Chances - Giles/Buffy FRM

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ summer_of_giles: Giles Drabble Day - Various authors.
+ horrorfangirl: A Watcher Always Notices 1/? - Giles,Buffy FRC
+ craterdweller: Cup of Tea - Giles,Dawn FRC
+ [info]nausicaa_of_phaeacia: Zurich - Giles,Buffy FRC

Fan Art
+ mwrgana_muse: Giles manip - worksafe

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