Flippancy provided by (il_mio_capitano) wrote in giles_watchers,
Flippancy provided by

Giles through Sunday June 15

+ littleotter73: The Arrangement 1/2, 2/2 - Giles/Buffy FRT
+ il_mio_capitano: Bookends: Something Familiar - Giles, Ethan, though the series is Giles/Buffy FRT
+ sparrow2000: The Beating of the Bounds ch4 - Giles,Xander,Willow,Buffy FRT
+ [info]dragonsphoenix: And If My Love Had Never Let Me Go 15/16 - Giles/Ethan FRT
+ [info]protoneoromantic: Who Do You Think You Are? ch17 - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ [info]craterdweller: Yummy Surprise - Giles/Buffy Dawn FRT
+ Wildflower:The Watcher by Calcifer179 - Giles,Faith FRT **ff.net**

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ [info]nausicaa_of_phaeacia: That's New - Giles/Buffy Dawn FRC
+ [info]craterdweller: The Long Road - Giles, various FRC

Fan Art
+ rbfvid: Your Color VID - Giles/Drusilla
+ wickedfox: Graphics for Summer of Giles - Giles alone, Giles/Buffy Worksafe

+ summer_of_giles: Giles Fic Recs Day One - various enjoyable reccomendations

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