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Giles through Sunday, May 25

+ [info]dragonsphoenix: And If My Love Had Never Let Me Go 12/15 - Giles/Ethan FRM
+ [info]Muriel_Perun: Sabbatical - Giles/Spike FRM
+ [info]ProtoNeoRomantic: Who Do You Think You Are? ch15 - Giles/Buffy FRM
+ [info]Muriel_Perun: Love Portion - Giles/Spike FRM
+ [info]jujukittychick: Rainy Days and Rainbows - Giles/Spike FRM
+ sparrow2000: The Beating of the Bounds (Prologue) - Giles,Xander FRT

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ littleotter73: Alternate Methods (Or Why Buffy Never Read the Slayers Handbook) - Giles, Buffy FRC
+ il_mio_capitano: Another in the Family - Giles, various family FRC
+ salustra: The Seductiveness of Knowledge - Giles/Wesley FRT
+ katleept: Rip Me, Baby - Giles/Faith FRM
+ dragonyphoenix: The Perfect Cup of Tea - Giles, scoobies FRC

Prompts & Contests
+ giles_shorts: This weeks drabble prompt is: LAST MINUTE - all welcome to play

+ summer_of_giles One week to go before our annual festival of Giles goodies begins - Have you signed up to take part?

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