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Giles through Sunday, May 11

+ salustra: Survivor's Guilt 11/? - Giles/Spike FRM
+ [info]dragonsphoenix: And If My Love Had Never Let Me Go ch9-10 - Giles/Ethan FRM
+ katleept: No Accident Required - Giles/Faith Giles/Buffy FRM
+ [info]spike21: Wall 4.125 Imminent, Not Transcendent - Giles/Ethan Giles/Xander FRM
+ [info]ProtoNeoRomantic: Who Do You Think You Are ch14 - Giles/Buffy FRM

Drabbles & Ficlets
+ katleept: Even In Summer - Giles,Buffy,Willow FRT
+ katleept: Failed - Giles,Buffy FRT
+ salustra: The Case of the Missing Wheetabix - Giles/Spike FRT
+ dragonyphoenix: untitled for prompt of bloom - Travers FRC
+ salustra: There's a Limit - Giles/Spike FRT

Fan Art
+ The Watcher (Buffy/Giles) VID - Giles/Buffy YOUTUBE LINK
+ debris4spike: BTVS Icons - 1 of Giles

Prompts & Contests
+ summer_of_giles: Sign ups are open - Graphics, icons, fanfic. All lovelies accepted.
+ giles_shorts: May theme is COOKING - All welcome
+ giles_shorts: Weekly drabble prompt is BLOOM - all welcome

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